Client experiences (with their permission and in their own words) Real names are not used and are confidential

Des has been a shining light in my life over the past year. When I first went to see her I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that I was broken, fragile, and in need of healing and perspective.

Our sessions first focused on my explosive anger problem. After working through it with her I started to gradually change and now I’m an entirely different person. I no longer blow up the way I used to and patience comes naturally. She also helped me overcome my fear of driving and ultimately passing my driver’s license test. Prior to our sessions I had failed my driver’s test four times and felt like a failure because of it.

In the year that I have been going to see Des, sometimes twice a month and other times once per month, my life has completely changed. She in all of her infinite wisdom has assisted me in harnessing the power of my subconscious and in doing so, using my mind to best serve me and my goals.

This process has defined for me what it means to take care of my mental health. I don’t think I will ever again neglect the condition of my mind and take for granted that it can absorb hardship and strain without being nurtured.


My battle with sugar addiction has been a lifelong one and has affected both my health and my weight negatively. I arrived for my first session with Des not knowing what to expect and with a little skepticism/trepidation!  Although I was hopeful that hypnotherapy might make a difference I had reservations – I’d never had long lasting successful results with other methods, why would this be different? Over a period of a few short weeks Des introduced me to the power of my subconscious mind and instilled a trust and belief in myself that I never thought possible. The shift in my thinking has been marked and released me from the constant barrage of negative thoughts which used to occupy my mind. She has helped me to retrain my brain and the experience has been an intensely fulfilling and liberating one.  I no longer feel I have to be “good” or “strict” with what I eat, I just choose foods that nourish me and this way of eating has became natural and automatic. I’m so grateful to Des for her exceptional listening skills and her ability to give me the space in which to express myself authentically. I approach every day completely differently now, with more enthusiasm and I feel positive and empowered. A million thank you’s!

Quitting smoking has been a pretty weird transition for me, it’s like I know I used to smoke but I don’t really remember smoking? Odd or not…that’s how it feels..?  Life without smoking is good. Been on my bike up the mountain….been to gym….walked around the golf course in the last 2 weeks…got more energy..enjoying my different smells….loving the peace that Buddha and I have in my office ….so I guess all is good and long may it last… thank you for doing what you did!!!!!

Every year as my daughter’s birthday draws near you are always strongly in my thoughts. I still stand by the fact that without your continuous encouragement and support my journey into parenthood would have been so much harder. You were really my angel in every respect and I will be forever grateful that you were sent my way. Your clients are all very fortunate and blessed to have you helping and supporting them in any healing situation.

Morning Des –  I am so happy, didn’t once have an urge or craving to light up a cigarette.  Sat with ppl that were smoking and would normally give into lighting up.  So I’m happy!

Thanks again for the help and support and for accommodating me!!!  I can only speak well of this treatment and your fantastic treatment plan!!!

Dear Des

I just wanted to THANK YOU! It was without a doubt the most amazing experience.

I must admit that it’s not like in the movies but better lol

Most of my friends even my BOSS has noticed a change in me # huge smile #

Gosh I’m so glad I stumbled upon your flyer.

And lastly, you are my HERO!

Thank you for the session on Wednesday, it was truly amazing. I am still in very good spirits, the pain has subsided a whole lot, so I am really feeling good and sleeping well. And Yes, you guessed it, the sweet things are just not bothering me at all. I actually realize, it didn’t bother me, I was bothering it! Thanks for everything thus far.

Hi Des!

I am happy to announce I am a single lady now, who has been granted forfeiture and sole custody of my daughter.

I was calm and as cool as a cucumber. I had other women giving me a high five as I walked out the court. 2 women came after me to speak with me because I just look so happy!

I did it with your help. I am so indebted to you. Thanks for helping me navigate through my life experiences. I know things can and will only get better.

What a wonderful journey I went through with Des. After a long history of panic attacks, I suddenly thought of going down a new path … Hypnosis.  The best thing I ever did.  Rather nervously I made an appointment with Des and what a truly professional, easy going and compassionate person she is! S he makes you feel so comfortable and at ease.

It is still early days, but I feel different in every way. If it wasn’t for Des I would still be in the dark place. Not only did this beautiful Guardian Angel change my life, I also gained a friend.
I recommend anyone who has similar or different types of problems, do not hesitate to contact Des (Desiree).   Love, Linda.

I had been struggling with weight loss management for many years with limited success, until hypnotherapy was recommended to me. Under Des’s guidance, I have finally managed to confront the personal issues that were holding me back, and put measures in place to help overcome obstacles and ensure my continued success. The journey to self-awareness through hypnotherapy is an empowering and enlightening one, and a personal investment that is as rewarding as it is necessary for much-needed change and ultimate fulfillment.

Just wanted to say that all going well and have not had a ciggy since, so I am super chuffed. And had been very easy to hang around my smoking friends so looking forward to many a happy years of being a non-smokerJ

Thanks again!

[31 year old male]

Hi Des

It’s such a process and one that offers me quite a bit of clarity. I’m amazed at how deeply the hypnosis took me during the last session.

It’s like I have even forgotten that I initially came to you to help deal with my anger and meanwhile my anger has taken on a new identity, where I’m able to rationalise why I feel what I feel.

Before our sessions, I didn’t take the time to question why I was feeling and thinking what I was. It’s as though there now is a pause inbetween my thought and action, something I don’t think I had before.

I can’t really tell you how grateful I am for how earnestly and kindly you have helped me.

🙂  Wendy

I was suffering with anxiety and insomnia that was affecting my life and happiness! You helped me find the answers that were already in me, i just wasn’t able to see them. I have new respect for the power of the subconscious and you helped be more at peace with myself. And most of all there is less conflict within me.

Anyone seeing a hypnotherapist for the first time will be skeptical and that is natural, and forget what u see on tv, Des makes you feel at ease and is professional. There is no quick to fix to most problems, healing is a journey and hypnotherapy and Des will put you well on the way to recovery. Worth every cent.

Thank you Des!

I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, but especially in the latter years. After much deliberation, I decided to try a dietician in 2010, but subconsciously I was scared of failure even though I badly wanted to shed the weight. I lost 17 kg over a period of year, but it was like a yo yo, the weight going up and down all the time. Eventually I gained all my weight plus more.

In October 2012 I prepared myself for hypnotherapy with Des and there was a bit of apprehension, but also enthusiasm. Des was reassuring right from the start and had a calming effect on me. After two sessions, I felt a complete shift in the processing of my thoughts in terms of healthy eating. I ventured to a dietician and the gym in such a short time, with a positive attitude and no feeling of failure at all. I have never felt this way before and it feels AWESOME!

Thank you Des for allowing me to believe in myself again and I will enjoy this journey for the rest of my life!

Beloved Des

You so generously offered a complimentary hypnotherapy session to a lucky Body and Mind

http://www.bodyandmind.co.za reader and I won!

I arrived at your practice in Kenilworth in a state of acute anxiety as I was facing a very challenging (personal and work-related) weekend ahead. Within minutes I felt calmer just from being in your peaceful, elegant space and from your serenity, but the relaxation therapy you offered was truly transformational!
I walked in feeling like a basket-case, and left feeling grounded, energised and functional. Was too wonderful for words. You helped me SO much and I can’t thank you enough. You are a maestro, so very skilled in the work you do. I was struck by your commitment and passion for your work too.

Wish you a beautiful day

PS my birthday gathering was a huge success, I am bursting with love and gratitude!

At first I was a bit anxious to approach Des about my fear of the dark and what may be hiding in it as I had never really been exposed to hypnotherapy before. I decided to make an appointment as I was interested in these methods and the fear started to consume my everyday life. During the first session I was introduced to the unique feeling that hypnotherapy provides and Des taught me how to use specific tools and techniques to create a relaxed environment where I was able to approach situations from a different perspective.

During the second session however, Des was able to find the source of my fear. She took me back to where the fear was first recognised. Although I was extremely scared and feeling helpless at the time she soon worked with me to create ways to overcome this fear of the dark, to overpower what I thought was hiding in the shadows. Des comforted and supported me right through to the end of this journey where I was left feeling in full control and excited to test out my new learnt skills to overcome the dark in a real life situation.

I feel that after the second session I instantly became a new person, a strong and confident person who no longer has to live in fear of the dark and what may be hiding in it. I look forward to testing out the techniques learnt and taking full control of the situation as I grow. I am utterly grateful for the help Des has provided me and fully recommend anyone with a fear of any sort to try hypnotherapy as it may change your perspective of the relevant situation too.